In My Place Film

A pioneering film project.
Inspired by Coldplay. Starring You.
Dedicated to people affected by the injustice of land grabs.
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Big land deals are putting people and their possessions out of place, forcing them from the place they call home.

To send a global message about this injustice, thousands of you sent Oxfam photos and videos of ordinary things out of place, echoing the displacement of land grabs. And Coldplay's music video director, Mat Whitecross, put them to an exclusive version of their song, In My Place. Oxfam now needs you to raise your voices in support of change.

G8 leaders including David Cameron and Barack Obama have the power to stop land grabs, end hunger and save lives. This June, tell the @G8 they must take action.

We’ve already seen powerful institutions agree to help stop land grabs thanks to your campaigning. Now, with your help, we’re taking on the G8.

This acoustic version of In My Place is from a performance recorded at Absolute Radio’s studios in One Golden Square in 2002. Courtesy of Absolute Radio.